Turkish Bath – from Fethiye


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Turkish Bath – from Fethiye

Turkish Bath – from Fethiye – Intro

Visit a real Turkish Bath from Fethiye and experience a relaxing, refreshing and invigorating Turkish custom that’ll leave you feeling thoroughly pampered!

Turkish Bath – from Fethiye – Full Details

A visit to a hammam (Turkish bath), a centuries-old custom offering the ideal way for locals to gather for a gossip and freshen-up, is also the perfect way to prepare your skin for receiving the best tan you’ve ever had!

You’ll be picked up from your hotel and taken to the Turkish bath from Fethiye where you’ll change into a swimsuit and head out to the main steam-filled room.

Once the steam has softened your skin and opened your pores, lay on the warm marble Gobek Tasi or ‘belly stone’, for an invigorating soap massage and exfoliating body scrub.

At the end of the session, you’ll feel refreshed, wide-awake and ready to face the rest of your holiday with squeaky-clean, glowing skin!