The London Bridge Experience Tickets


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The London Bridge Experience

Get ready to scream, laugh and cheer your way through 2000 years of horrible history on this fun adventure through time, filled with the horrors of yesteryear!

See, hear, feel, taste, even smell, what London Bridge was like over the ages, and uncover the dark secrets that lie beneath the world’s most famous and most haunted bridge.

Battle with the Romans, discover what happened to traitors with the gruesome Hang Draw and Quarter process, see the Great Fire of London and much more before entering the vortex to the London Tombs.

Encounter live characters in full regalia of the time as you traverse wooden, stone and medieval bridges. Join in the fun while discovering London’s gruesome history – and expect a few grisly surprises thrown in along the way!

Terror Time Tunnel

Still feeling brave? Then get ready to face your fears and descend into the London Tombs – a former plague pit where more chilling surprises await……

Plunge into the inky blackness of a disused railway tunnel and emerge into the midst of a fierce battle between Queen Boudicca and the legions of Rome! Keep your wits about you through, as danger lurks in every shadow……

A Terrifying Journey through the Ages

Continue your adventure with caution as you cross the cavernous infinity floor in the perilous thick fog as Viking King Olaf pulls London Bridge down in 1012. Watch your step on the rickety wooden bridge; it’s a long way down!

Managed to survive this far? Then try out some hanging, drawing and quartering as you discover the grisly fate of the traitor, William Wallace, in the company of an expert executioner!

Experience medieval life first-hand on the streets of the old London Bridge. Learn some of the local trades and then run for your life as the Great Fire of London sweeps through the city!

There are darker surprises in store for you as you wander the streets of Victorian Southwark. Smell the Great Stink and try not to become Jack the Ripperandrsquo;s latest victim…..

Your journey ends in the stomach-churning Hell’s Portal and emerge back in the present day.


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