SuperJeep Northern Lights Tour


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Be adventurous – hunt the Northern Lights by super jeep!

Give yourself the best chance of seeing the breath-taking Aurora Borealis phenomenon! Choose the super jeep as your vehicle and venture into the Icelandic wilderness after dark. Ride into otherwise unreachable areas on a 3-4 hour hunt for the Northern Lights.

Witness a stunning show in the sky

The Northern Lights undoubtedly are one of the most captivating sights in Iceland. If youandrsquo;re lucky enough to catch up to them, youandrsquo;ll see yellow-green and white colours mix in mellows swirls in the night sky above you.

Sometimes, splashes of bright red and warm pink will join the picture, creating an unforgettable view. The elders say that the harsher the nightandlsquo;s frost, the more intense the colours will be.

Why choose a super jeep tour?

Access areas you canandrsquo;t reach on other tours – the super jeep can drive over snow and through rivers – itandrsquo;s your best chance to follow the Northern Lights further than with any other type of vehicle
Fun, fun andamp; more fun! – If you love a good adrenaline rush, the super jeep ride will be right up your alley!
Travel in a small group – the jeep holds up to 6 people, so the tour has a certain exclusive feel

What happens to my ticket if the tour gets cancelled?

If the sky is not perfectly clear and the weather conditions are unfavourable, the Northern Lights Jeep Tour might be cancelled. If that happens, youandrsquo;ll be offered a seat on the next available day.

What if the tour takes place but I donandrsquo;t see the Northern Lights?

Your Northern Lights tour went ahead but the mischievous Aurora Borealis escaped you? Donandrsquo;t worry – you can try your luck again on the next available tour for free!