Orlando Balloon Rides


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Orlando Balloon Rides – Intro

Experience the sunrise over Floridaandrsquo;s theme parks, orange groves, ancient swamps and more, on an unforgettable Orlando Balloon Ride!

Orlando Balloon Rides – Full Details

The most thrilling and romantic way to see Orlando is from the air, sweeping majestically up to several thousand feet in a vast hot air balloon.

Youandrsquo;ll start the morning at the Orlando Balloon Rides welcome area, where you can check-in and enjoy a light snack.

The flight programme begins an hour before sunrise with a briefing from your highly-experienced FAA certified pilot.

Then once aboard youandrsquo;ll rise steadily into the air anywhere from treetop height to several thousand feet, depending upon wind speed.

Enjoy incredible birds-eye views over Orlandoandrsquo;s famous theme parks, lakes, forests and age-old swamps.

These calm, tranquil balloon rides are a steady experience and rarely a problem for those who suffer from motion sickness.

Youandrsquo;ll fly for about an hour, depending again on the wind speed and direction which may occasionally affect the flight length.

After the flight youandrsquo;ll arrive back at the welcome area where a selection of hot and cold drinks will be waiting!

Finally, youandrsquo;ll receive a commemorative certificate of your Orlando Balloon Flight – the perfect way to remember an unforgettable day.