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Experience Earth like never before at Orbi Dubai

Brainchild of BBC Earth and high-tech giant SEGA, Orbi Dubai is an interactive attraction like no other!

Explore all corners of the world with 12 different nature zones. Experience the impossible – journey to the depths of the ocean, travel along an elephant herd, soar through the skies and much more.

Letandrsquo;s check out some of the things you can do at Orbi Dubai!

Meet a Mountain Gorilla

Follow the BBC crew deep into the mountains and find out what it takes to film in natureandrsquo;s most remote areas. Explore the jungle environment in immersive 4D and allow sight, smell, sound and touch to take you right into the heart of Earth. Just donandrsquo;t lose focus, thereandrsquo;s a Gorilla lurking aboutandhellip;

Migrate with African Elephants

Join the African elephants in their quest to finding life-saving water supplies. Be part of the herd, feel the ground tremble under the stomping feet of your giant companions and face the challenges of the wilderness. Find out if you have what it takes to survive the hazardous journey.

Take flight at Earth Cruising

Experience a low altitude flight from a birdandrsquo;s perspective. Feel the wind in your hair, as you cruise over mountain peaks, sand dunes and waterfalls. Meet various animals around the globe and learn about each location.

Face the cold of Frozen Mt. Kenya

Will you be able to handle the sub-zero temperatures?

Put your body to the test and experience the dramatic temperature change from the scorching heat of the Dubai desert to the chill of Mount Kenya at -25anddeg;C!

Earth Theatre 23.4: The centrepiece of Orbit Dubai

Witness nature come to life on a 40-metre-wide screen at the Earth Theatre. Watch amazing BBC Earth wildlife footage in a cutting-edge environment complete with 3D sound, 2 giant screens behind viewers and captivating sensory effects that generate wind, fog, vibrations and even smells.