Northern Lights Boat Tour


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Observe the Northern Lights from the sea

Want to see the Northern Lights in a cosy andamp; relaxed atmosphere? Then the Northern Lights Boat Tour is the answer for you! Spend 2-3 hours chasing the breath-taking Aurora Borealis, as you sail through the North Atlantic Ocean.

Experience the merry atmosphere on board

Sharing the experience is always fun – just grab a drink from the bar and go out on the deck to meet your fellow Northern Lights hunters.

Fancy having a look around the boat? Feel free to explore and talk to the captain – heandrsquo;s got plenty of stories to share.

Learn about the Northern Lights from an expert guide

Get ready to hear the full range of theories – from the scientific facts to the myths about spirits in the sky. Your on-board tour guide is a Northern Lights expert – he knows them all!

The fun doesnandrsquo;t stop there! Youandrsquo;ll even get to see a special video presentation devoted to the Aurora Borealis phenomenon.

Stay dry – overalls provided!

Donandrsquo;t worry about getting wet – youandrsquo;ll be given waterproof overalls to put on once you board the boat. Yet, we advise you wear thick layered clothes to keep you warm and comfy on your adventure.

Pack up your camera

Prepare an amazing colourful spectacular in the night sky over the south coast of Iceland. Keep your camera at hand because once the first visitor spots the bright lights above, you wonandrsquo;t want to miss a second of it!

Getting to the boat and back

Return hotel transfers are included with your ticket, so you wonandrsquo;t have to worry about transport at all.

Staying at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Marina? You won’t need transfers – the departure point is right next to your hotel.

What if the Northern Lights boat tour gets cancelled?

If the weather conditions permit, you can go on a Northern Lights bus tour instead. Otherwise, youandrsquo;ll be invited to join the next available Northern Lights Boat Tour.

Bringing small children

Please note that while children 0-6 are free of charge on this tour we will need to reserve a place for them, so please remember to let us know how many children are travelling and how old they are by calling us on 0344 873 0070 after booking.