Marineland Mallorca


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Marineland Majorca

The whole family will love spending time at Marineland Majorca, which, along with weird, wonderful and always amazing marine creatures from around the world, features multi-award-winning shows starring sea-lions, parrots and dolphins!

Whilst at Marineland, visit the aviaries featuring beautiful exotic birds from Africa, America and Australasia. Plus watch Californian sea lions as they show off their playfulness, acrobatic skills and agility in their very own show!

Visit Marineland Majorcaandrsquo;s tropical aquarium – home beautiful marine life of all colours, shapes and sizes.

Admire the slithery inhabitants of the tropical house, including pythons, boas and anacondas along with prehistoric lizards, iguanas, fresh water fish and snappy piranhas.

A visit to Marineland Majorca is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a stimulating and fun family day out, away from the heat and crowds of the beach!