Ephesus and Pamukkale – from Marmaris


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Ephesus and Pamukkale – from Marmaris

Ephesus andamp; Pamukkale – from Marmaris – Intro

On this overnight tour, you’ll travel from Marmaris to Ephesus, one of the most significant open-air museums in the world, and on to the limestone ‘cotton castles’ of Pamukkale, two of Turkey’s most important attractions.

Ephesus andamp; Pamukkale – from Marmaris – Itinerary

Day One:

6.45 to 7.15am: Pick-up from hotel/breakfast.
7.15 to 11.05am: Drive towards Ephesus.
11.05 to 11.30am: Turkish Delight centre.
11.30 to 1.05pm: Visit Museum OR Virgin Mary House.
1.05 to 1.45pm: Lunch break.
1.45 to 4.05pm: Explore Ephesus.
4.05 to 4.30pm: Ceramic workshop.
4.30 to 7.30pm: Drive to Pamukkale hotel/dinner/belly dancing show.

Day Two:

8.05 to 12.05am: Breakfast and visit Pamukkale.
12.05 to 12.45pm: Onyx workshop.
1.05 to 1.45pm: Lunch break.
1.45 to 2.45pm: Visit carpet co-operative.
2.45 to 6.05pm: Return to Marmaris and hotel drop-off.

Ephesus andamp; Pamukkale – from Marmaris – Full Details

After being collected from your hotel, enjoy a break for breakfast and another at a Turkish Delight centre en route from Marmaris to Ephesus – your first destination.


Upon arrival, you’ll have the opportunity to see the house where the Virgin Mary is believed to have spent her final days or visit the fascinating Ephesus museum, before taking a break for lunch and heading into the site at Ephesus.

Enjoy walking through Ephesus, today one of the most significant open-air museums in the world and the world’s largest classical archaeological site.

Located in the region of Ionia on the west coast of Anatolia, Ephesus played an important commercial role in ancient times, due in part to its location in a fertile valley.

As you walk along the ancient streets of Ephesus, you’ll see sights including mankind’s first road sign, (pointing the direction to a brothel), and magnificent historic buildings including the Temple of Hadrian, the Agora, Library of Celsius and the Great Amphitheatre.

It is in the amphitheatre, which is still in use today, that Julius Caesar spent evenings encouraging his gladiators and watching local thespians at work.

The tour continues to a ceramic workshop before moving on to Pamukkale for dinner, a belly dancing show and overnight stay.


After breakfast, you’ll visit the fascinating ancient site of Pamukkale.

No human hands helped with the creation of this entirely natural attraction in the Aegean Sea region of Turkey.

An important settlement for centuries, Pamukkale became a Mecca for pagan cults in antiquity and today a spa resort, largely because its hot springs were believed to have powerful healing properties.

Pamukkale, which means ‘Cotton Castle’, is named for the incredible white limestone stalactite ‘cotton castles’ which began forming over 14,000 years ago.

Today a major tourist attraction and important World Heritage Site, there is nowhere else like Pamukkale in the world.

Have fun exploring the fairytale ‘city’ and enjoy bathing in the healing waters of famous Cleopatra’s Pool (fee not included) before visiting an Onyx workshop and indulging in a late lunch.

After lunch, you’ll visit a carpet-weaving centre to discover how Turkey’s famous carpets are created by hand in the ancient tradition, and begin the journey back to your hotel.

This great value-for-money tour includes hotel transfers, entrance fees (except to Cleopatra’s Pool), English-speaking guides, one night half-board accommodation in a 3-star hotel, one breakfast and dinner.