Dune Buggy Experience


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Dune Buggy Experience Orlando

Find out just how much fun one person can have bouncing around in a Dune Buggy!

Fun doesnandrsquo;t begin to describe the experience of bouncing, bobbing and ricocheting along in a Dune Buggy as you drive over slippery sandy surfaces and greasy grass tracks!

The specially-designed 2.5 mile track youandrsquo;ll follow through the glorious Florida countryside comes complete with tight-packed twists and turns, hill climbs, water splashes and more!

Youandrsquo;ll begin with a safety briefing and be issued with a helmet, goggles, gloves and any other necessary safety equipment before being strapped into the full-safety harness in the buggy.

Your experienced instructor will show you how to handle your Dune Buggy and then you are off on the ride of a lifetime!

The entire experience lasts around an hour and youandrsquo;ll be in the driving seat for about 30-minutes.

At the end of your Dune Buggy Experience, youandrsquo;ll have time to debrief, relax over a drink, take photos and enjoy the lakeside views and gorgeous surrounding countryside.

In order to drive a Dune Buggy, you must be over 16 years old, able to operate a manual gear change and hold a current driving licence.