Colosseum Tickets – Skip the Line with Arena Floor Entrance


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Get more from your Colosseum Tickets

Forget about waiting in line for hours! Skip the queue at the Colosseum – simply bypass everyone and enter. Once you are in, you are not bound by keeping pace with a group – explore for as long as you like at your own pace.

The perks of our Privileged Access Colosseum Tickets donandrsquo;t end there! Enter the Arena Floor through the gladiatorsandrsquo; entrance; explore the Colosseum Underground and more.

Walk in the shoes of a gladiator

Experience the iconic amphitheatre as a gladiator would. Enter the Arena Floor through the back door reserved for gladiators only and picture the roar of the massive crowds.

Go were standard tickets canandrsquo;t take you!

Explore the Colosseum Underground and walk the tunnels paced by countless fierce gladiators before battle

Take a look from the Emperorsandrsquo; seat where the fate of gladiators and criminals was decided

Discover the glory of Ancient Rome at your own pace

Fancy a walk? Take your time strolling around the second floor where you can trace the circumference of the amphitheatre for a view from where the spectators sat. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes though!