Catamaran Trip To Isla Mujeres


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Catamaran Trip To Isla Mujeres

Catamaran Trip To Isla Mujeres

Discover all the shades of blue of the beautiful Caribbean Sea as you sail on a catamaran trip to Isla Mujeres for a day of snorkelling, swimming or dreaming the day away in a palm tree hammock on this idyllic fantasy island!

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Feeling the sea-spray in your face as you lay prone across the netting of a catamaran is a fantastic way to travel, but even more exciting is Spinnaker sailing!

Hop onto a small seat at the front of the Catamaran and hold-on-tight as the wind hoists you over 20ft in the air! Glide on the breeze, drinking in the amazing birds-eye-views over the warm tropical waters below before swooping down for a refreshing dip into the sea.

Throughout the cruise, tropical rhythms fill the air and thirst is kept at bay by the open bar on board.

Your catamaran trip to Isla Mujeres continues with a stop at a spectacular coral reef national park where you can experience the thrill of swimming or snorkelling whilst surrounded by a myriad of brilliantly coloured tropical fish. Use of snorkelling equipment and an underwater guided tour are included in your ticket price.

When you arrive at Isla Mujeres, youandrsquo;ll head to a beach club where you can indulge in a delicious buffet lunch, make good use of the open bar and even enjoy a shopping tour.

Finally, relax and enjoy your stay at the gorgeous beach club which is complete with thatched roof huts, palm tree hammocks, beach-side lounge chairs and everything youandrsquo;ll need to complete an idyllic day on the paradise island where real pirates once buried their treasure.