ATV Off Road Experience


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ATV Off Road Experience

Slip, slide and soar through the dirt on an ATV off-road adventure through 220 acres of Floridaandrsquo;s prime countryside!

Experience the ultimate off-road adventure on a four-wheel off-road ATV!

ATVandrsquo;s, also known as quad bikes or 4-wheelers, are the perfect off-road sporting vehicles for navigating the grassy banks, dirt trails, sand humps and generally exhilarating and challenging terrain youandrsquo;ll encounter along the way.

Whether you are an expert ATV driver or beginner, be prepared to get mucky during this action-packed experience driving one of the most popular recreational vehicles in use in the world today!

The down and dirty action takes place in 220 acres of Floridaandrsquo;s most glorious countryside – within easy reach but a million miles away from Orlandoandrsquo;s theme parks!

To maximise fun and ensure safety, riders are usually in groups of 5 or less.

On the day, youandrsquo;ll begin with a safety briefing and be given instruction on how to handle your vehicle.

Safety equipment such as goggles, gloves and helmet are all provided.

Once you are comfortable with your ATV, an instructor will guide you over the trails and tracks.

The entire experience will last around 2-hours, with a short break for drinks.

Youandrsquo;ll be in the driving seat for around 80 minutes.

At the end of your ATV Off Road Experience, youandrsquo;ll have time to debrief, relax over a drink, take photos and enjoy the views of the picturesque lake and surrounding countryside.